Friday, November 9, 2007

Work Truck Wanted

I have finally decided that I need a work truck for my Dryer Ventilator (and Dr. Dryer Vent subcontract) work. I am sick of my little Little Giant ladder being two feet too short to work. But yet restricted by the capacity of my 2006 Nissan Altima, I am stymied at attempts to carry a full-sized 28-foot extension ladder. Furthermore, my car is on a lease, and driving 300 miles a day back and forth and all around between Mystic and Avon CT.

So here's what I want. Color is white. I will accept either a work van (e.g. Econoline 150) or a full-sized pickup (e.g. F-150). It has a ladder rack. If a pickup, it has a cap for the bed. If a van, it has rear windows. It costs less than $2001.00. It is capable of taking me from Mystic to Avon and all in between every day.

Anyone out there with a lead, let me know. Anyone else, just hold the thought of me having this work vehicle in your mind and it will soon come to me.


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