Saturday, September 22, 2007

Business Banking...uggh!...I mean YAY!

So my first local customer, my first Dryer Ventilator customer, wrote me a check to Dryer Ventilator. So I had to figure out how to cash that check.

Turns out you need a business banking account to do this. Also turns out you have to go to the secretary of state in CT to get forms to do this. It's not like you just go to the bank and say "hey, I'm Dryer Ventilator" and then they give you a business bank account and let you cash a check.

All in all, I visited three different branches, and went to SOTS twice, but I now have my fancy business banking setup. Plus Bank of America gave me a sweet line of credit. Now I can go get that F-350 work truck I NEED.

So after all the pain, it is so worth it to have the business bank account. It makes me feel so important and cool to have this.

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