Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tough Week

This past week has been extraordinarily difficult for me as a clothes dryer vent cleaning professional.

I had three jobs that each took me over three hours to complete. Normally, they're like an hour or so.

The first was a replacement where I couldn't get at the vent space because it was behind a ceiling and wall and stuff. But I pulled it off. Or I should say I pushed it in. It was sweet. It seemed like it wouldn't work, but in the end it worked awesome! Replaced plastic vent with straight pipe, and it worked like a charm! Plus the customer was a great joy to hang out with while working on the job.

Second one was a bit less victorious. The vent outlet was shared with at least two other dryer vents, possibly with three bathroom and three stove vents. Really really bad. First I thought the vent outlet would be on the roof. After putting a ladder up to someone else's deck, and up to the roof, I found NOTHING up there. Then the customer pointed out a vent outlet on the side of the building. One vent outlet. His was completely clogged and soggy wet. I had to clean it from the inside, and what a mess. Plus his dryer wasn't working, so I couldn't really verify operation at the end. And it took me about three hours. Of course, the guy was cool... I knew him from high school, where we weren't friends, but we got along great this week. It's just that it is hard to do a good job when the vent is so bad.

Third one a disaster. Fixed price (low cost) repeat customer with a major issue - water, clog, drywall all wet in the living room...uggh! Plus I made a pricing error on the phone with the owner, and was quickly corrected by the real Dr. Dryer Vent. But it took me HOURS and I was really late to the second appointment (which fortunately was normal).

But three jobs each taking over three hours was demoralizing. Should get better soon. Email me for more details if you are interested in a long sob story.

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