Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank you Coogan and Gildersleeve!

I did two of my own jobs last week, both thanks to the good folks at Coogan and Gildersleeve! One in Groton Long Point, and one in Groton. Both were great jobs to do, where I solved real problems for people. And both people were really nice to work for, and in nice places to live.

The first one in GLP was filled with lint, like 20 feet worth of lint in a 6 foot run. Plus the vent turned out to be disconnected midway between the dryer and the tailpipe (where it comes out of the house). I ended up fixing that, cleaning up the vent and dryer thoroughly, and making sure the transition vent (connecting the dryer to the wall) was very well connected.

The second one in Groton was replacing an old, dirty, unsafe plastic vent with good straight metal pipe. It was actually a mobile home, and I was crawling around in the dirt under the home doing the vent. I would say I'd rather be there than up in an attic with scratchy insulation. That lady was really nice, and I was happy to be able to help her out.

It is nice to get paid to help people like this, and to meet all sorts of different and new people that I would otherwise not be likely to meet.

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