Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thank you Coogan and Gildersleeve!

Another fine referral from Coogan and Gildersleeve! Thanks guys! You rock!

Today I just somehow knew I would get a call for Dryer Ventilator work. I actually came back into the house to get my folder for invoices/receipts for DV before leaving the house. And it turns out I was right. While I was doing my first appointment for Dr. Dryer Vent, I got a call from someone I didn't know in a number I believed to be local to Mystic. And I was right!

It was a guy who needed his vent replaced. It was plastic and the hood wasn't working any more. The hood was an old metal one which was just super dirty. It turned out to be easier to replace it with a nice new plastic white one. I put an elbow, two sections of straight pipe, and a bit of flex to hook up to the dryer. No problem! Plus the inside of the dryer was really dirty.

The people were, of course, really nice. The man of the house was an older retired gentleman, who was there the whole time with me, both chatting and helping out. He even helped me a lot by filing away a little bit around the existing hole he had so it would fit my new hood assembly. Way above and beyond the call of duty for a customer, and it also saved me a ton of time and problems. I actually need one of those coarse files he had! The woman kept pretty quiet, taking care of business upstairs on the phone answering messages and then cleaning a bit, but she was really nice too.

It is always so nice to get to meet new people who are so friendly and genuinely good people.

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