Friday, August 31, 2007

28 foot ladders

One of the jobs I did today was a sweet house in East Hampton (Connecticut). It was really tucked out of the way, but yet still close to main roads. My old map book didn't even have the roads to lead to it!

Anyway, their laundry room was up on the bedroom floor (which I wish mine was). But as a cleaner, what a pain in the a$$! That means the vent outlet to outside is also up on the second floor. My Little Giant 16 footer wasn't big enough. Fortunately, the homeowner had a HUGE 28 footer (ladder, that is) that she let me use. She even helped me carry it! What a nice person. Of course, they were blithely drinking Miller Chill while I slaved away, but that's a different story.

In the end, it was a tough job. I had to go up on a big laddder. I had to not use the shop vac (the 10-month old baby was just asleep (as a parent of very young children, I would NEVER intentionally disrupt the sleep of an infant). I also had to pull out the dryer and replace the transition vent (that's jargon for the pipe that goes from the dryer to the wall). Oh yeah, plus the f***ing wind changed direction while I was up on the ladder cleaning the ventilation system from the outside, which proceeded to cover me all over with dryer vent junk - arms, face, etc. YUCK!

But by the end, I was feeling pretty good about my laddering skills (if you've never done a big ladder, you are scratching your head, but if you have, then you are nodding), and I set them up with a nice safe, well done dryer ventilation system (plus I got p-a-i-d) so I overall was feeling good about the good deed I had done.

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