Monday, August 13, 2007

Great neighbors

I am doing a set of condos in South Windsor the past few and next few weeks, with Dr. Dryer Vent. He is the premier dryer vent service professional in Hartford County, and maybe in all of Connecticut. He also has taught me everything that I know about dryer vent cleaning. With ten years in business, he has seen just about everything a dryer vent service person could run into. Plus he's a really great guy that's great to work for and with.

Anyway. The main thing that has struck me about these condos is the sense of community. They are separated into sixteen buildings, each with twelve units, six on each side of the building: three upstairs and three down. A wonderful part of this has been talking with all the different people that live in these condos. Almost every building has had one or more people who seemed to know all the other residents. Today was no exception.

One woman let me into her own place plus two others. She even called some of the other residents to let them know that I was around, and that I'd be over there later in the day. Without her, I might have been stuck doing only two or three dryers today, but thanks to her, I was able to complete eight dryers! It is just amazing to me the closeness that so many of these residents share.

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