Monday, August 13, 2007

Clean your dryer vents!

Have you been noticing that it takes a lot longer these days to dry a load of laundry? Is your clothes dryer getting really hot when it runs? Does lint and hot air get all over your laundry room when you do laundry? Did the appliance guy say he wouldn't install your dryer on that unsafe plastic vent? Did the applicance guy say that the dryer's working fine, and your vent is probably clogged?

If any of these is you, then there's one thing you need. It is a dryer ventilation system servicing. If you are in Southeastern Connecticut or Southwestern Rhode Island, I can come and perform a complete service call for you on your clothes dryer ventilation system. I will clean the inside of your dryer: lint screen, beneath or behind the lint screen, and the inside of the dryer (near all the wires). I will also inspect your ventilation system and recommend appropriate action. I can clean the existing vent, repair holes, re-attach loose vents, or even replace the existing system completely.

Appointments start booking in a few weeks, so call me today! 860.324.5213
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In the mean time, I'll be posting adventures that I have cleaning other people's dryers. Maybe if you're lucky, you can end up here, too!

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