Friday, August 31, 2007

The Real World

So I have been out of those condos in South Windsor for a few weeks. And life is different in the real world! The jobs are a lot different every time. In a way it is awesome, but in a way, I miss the old simple world.

For example, earlier this week, I was in a mansion, like 10K square feet at least with lots of little three and four steps up and downs in the house, and probably a half dozen unused rooms (just the ones that I could see) and appliances of a brand I didn't know. Fancy ones. They had two laundry rooms. But their cars were just fairly normal - a big Lexus SUV (LX450 or something like that) and a medium sized GMC SUV (didn't notice the model). Anyway - the dryers. Well it was hard - attic, blower, tape, screen, roof, high up...just a bunch of tricks. Plus I spilled the drinking water they gave me all over their fancy real wood floor in their guest suite which was larger than my entire house (not quite, but it was BIG, with its own climate control, bathroom, TV, and two beds and high ceilings - did I mention this house was beautiful?)

So I will once again reiterate that the best part about this business is seeing everyone's great homes and meeting a lot of cool people. Oh yeah, did I mention the money. Money is good. But so are the people.

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